Alex Alessi was born on September 10th in Edison, New Jersey and as a child his mom would take him shopping on his birthday for the perfect Halloween costume. For some kids the idea of Halloween was about candy, but for Alex it was about becoming a new character every year.


         Often seen as the witty yet troubled every-man with piercing blue-eyes, Alex hopes to play diverse characters and to continue to grow as an actor and person with each role. He likes to stay active by playing sports with his friends, learning how to box, and by taking the time to work out and eat healthy.  In his spare time he plays drums and writes music. He also writes screenplays, has worked behind the scenes to produce and direct both short and feature films, works as an editor for film, web content, and commercial projects, and has also helped to create a pitch for an animated series and a television pilot.  


        Although he has grown over the years, Alex is still the same kid looking forward to finding his next costume to wear and a new part to play.





​Tel: 908-770-3549

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